Public overconfident after first dose: Army Chief

The public who obtained the first dose of the Coronavirus vaccine have been urged to exercise caution and not be overconfident.

Army Commander General Shavendra Silva told that some people have begun to go about without taking precautions after obtaining the first jab. He said that taking just the first dose does not give anyone immunity from the Coronavirus. As a result, he urged the public to continue to follow the health guidelines and take precautions.

Thousands of people have been given the first jab using vaccines donated by India.the second dose is expected to be given after fresh stocks of vaccines are received.

Meanwhile, concerns have been raised over PCR tests conducted by some private hospitals.

Public Health Inspectors (PHI) Association Secretary M. Baalasooriya told that PHI officers are at times not informed if someone tests positive for Covid after a PCR test is conducted at a private hospital.

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