PUCSL warns of extended power cuts if coal not imported before Oct 25

Daily power interruptions are unlikely until the end of this year, however, the power cut duration will have to be extended if Sri Lanka runs out of the existing stock of coal, says PUCSL chairman Janaka Ratnayake.

Addressing the media, the PUCSL chief said the coal stocks in hand are sufficient only until October 25.

He warned that three coal power plants in the country are at risk of shutting down if the government fails to import new coal stocks by the fourth week of October.

He stated that Sri Lanka is currently producing around 70% of renewable energy and that with adequate rainfall in water catchment areas, 60% of the hydropower required can be generated.

Speaking further, he said that the national grid would lose at least 900 megawatts of electricity if sufficient coal imports are not ensured from the fourth week of October.

Although the country has other sources such as renewable energy, hydro and mini hydro, power cuts are possible if the coal powerplants are shut down due to unavailability of coal.


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