Railways to divest land at Rs.100 a perch to farmers for cultivation

The Railways has decided to divest a perch of land owned by the Railway Department for short-term crop cultivation at Rs.100.

According to a concept of the Transport and Highways, Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena, a series of mobile service programmes organized to solve the problems of land owned by the Railway Department in four Divisional Secretariat Divisions of Polonnaruwa District was held recently.

The minister said that as the organization that owns the largest amount of land in the country, from the land owned by the Railway Department, other than the land required for the development of the railway, other lands will be given to the people for short-term crop cultivation and commercially on a tax basis.

The minister emphasized that as a remedy for the ongoing food crisis, the land will be given on lease basis for Rs.100 per perch per year through the food security committees and farmer organizations established in every village.

Considering the tourist attraction in the Polonnaruwa area, the Minister stated that a tourist train will be started from this month to Polonnaruwa under the new weekend tourist train service centered on the Parakum Uyana railway station and the tourism business in the area will expand further.

Under the mobile service held, many services such as providing tax agreements and issuing of temporary permits, collecting tax arrears, and issuing temporary permits to persons who have paid all taxes properly were done. Also, solving problems related to railway reservations was also done through this mobile service

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