“Rebuild Sri Lanka”: UNDP-led crowdfunding platform launched

The official crowdfunding platform of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Sri Lanka, known as ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ was launched yesterday (Sep 08).

This would provide the opportunity for individuals from anywhere in the world to contribute to the UNDP to help the people of Sri Lanka are facing due to the ongoing crisis.

In a statement, the UNDP said that to rally global support to rebuild the island nation, thr crowdfunding platform will facilitate contribution towards the ongoing support to provide food security and medicines to the vulnerable people in Sri Lanka.

It added that the essential drugs, surgical consumables and laboratory items are out of stock at a national level.

The UN Assistant Secretary General and UNDP Regional Director for the Bureau of Asia and the Pacific, Kanni Wignaraja says the ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ platform will enable people from across the globe to directly support vulnerable families in Sri Lanka through the procument of critical medical supplies and strengthen food security efforts.

She added that the platform will provide full transparency over the use of the funds to ensure that these contributions will go exactly where they are needed and that the UNDP is committed to stand with the people of Sri Lanka in this time of need.

The ‘Rebuild Sri Lanka’ crowdfunding platform will engage with well-known Sri Lankan and international personalities across various fields to echo the call for help to reach wider global audiences interested in contributing towards an essential crisis relief in the country.

The UNDP added that the contributions made, would be used to address the current shortages in vital essential and non-essential medical supplies in Sri Lanka.

They added that they will also work with 25,000 farmers and female home gardeners who have been identified as some of the most vulnerable and provide them with seeds and other material necessary for land preparation in order to cultivate crops such as Cowpea, Mung Bean and Black Gram

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