Resumption of civilian life and office work begins from May 11

While the curfew is in force in the districts of Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Puttalam, the resumption of civilian life and state and private sector activities will begin from Monday, 11th May, President’s Media Division said.

In order to ensure return to normalcy in civilian life and to revive the economy including continuous provision of essential services in these districts, both public and private sector entities should resume their work from Monday, 11th May. Heads of institutes are advised to make necessary arrangements taking into consideration of the required number of employees to run their organizations. Head of each entity should ensure strict adherence to the guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services and other health authorities to control the spread of COVID – 19 virus while carrying out their operations.

The responsibility to decide who should come to office work and their number lies with head of the each state organization including Departments, Corporations and Boards. The private sector entities are requested to open for work at 10.00am daily.

As a measure to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus the public must refrain from unnecessarily coming to roads and gathering at various other places. Buses belonging to Sri Lanka Transport Board and railway carriages can only transport employees who are reporting for work.

Civilians except those who are essentially required to report to work are requested to remain in their homes. People are allowed to leave their homes only to purchase essential items such as food and medicines. Corona prevention health recommendations should strictly be followed at each instance. Curfew passes issued by the Police authorities are valid only if the driver and passengers wear facemasks.

Curfew in other districts of the island except in the districts of Colombo, Gampaha, Kalutara and Puttalam will only be effective from 8.00 pm to 5.00am everyday till Wednesday, the 06th of May.
The curfew which will be imposed at 8.00pm on Wednesday, the 06th of May will continue till 5.00am on May 11th.

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