Schools open from Monday to Friday

The Ministry of Education has decided to open all Government and Government approved private schools on all five days of the week from today (15).

This decision was taken at a meeting held recently under the auspices of Education Minister Susil Premajayantha, where the provincial authorities have been instructed to prepare a suitable transport program for principals, teachers, and students in areas with transportation difficulties.

During the school week, the principals should provide relief for the teachers and students who will be further affected by the transportation difficulties.

It has been decided to use the next three months only for academic activities.

Also, the Ministry of Education has decided to carry out co-curricular and extra-curricular activities after school hours, and school festivities should also be restricted.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Health Services Dr. Anwar Hamdani informs the school children to strictly follow health guides as the spread of COVID-19 is posing a risk.

He said that mosquito control programs around school premises are very important as dengue is also spreading.

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