Several intercity express trains cancelled amid Covid-19 risk

Several intercity express trains have been temporarily cancelled amid the risk of the Covid-19 contagion, Railway Department announced.

Intercity express train from Colombo Fort to Kandy,
Southern Intercity express train from Maradana to Beliatta,
Pulathisi intercity express train from Colombo Fort to Polonnaruwa,
Uttaradevi intercity express train from Colombo Fort to Kankesanthurai and
The air-conditioned intercity express train from Mount Lavinia to Kankesanthurai,
are now suspended on weekdays, General Manager of Railways Dilantha Fernando said.

These train flights however will continue to operate on weekends, he added.

In the cancellation of bookings amid the threat of the virus, these trains flights have been cancelled.

The train schedules may continue to operate as usual as soon as the pandemic subsides.Fernando further said that the trains currently operated will be disinfected twice a day before and after their arrival at the destinations, while the necessary facilities have been provided to the passengers.

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