Short meal prices are also rising again !

Due to the increase in fuel prices and the gas crisis, the prices of snacks in all restaurants in the suburbs including Colombo have gone up again. Egg bread, paratha, rolls, vegetable bread, hoppers, fish bread and other snacks have also gone up. The restaurant owners said that the price of an egg bread and a toss had gone up to Rs. 100 and a paratha to Rs. The price of a loaf of bread and a curry has also gone up to Rs. The restaurant owners have taken steps to increase it to 100. Steps have been taken to increase the price of an egg hopper to Rs. 100 and the price of a hopper to Rs. 50. In addition to snacks, the price of a Plenty has risen to 50 rupees and the price of a cup of milk to 100 rupees. Also, the prices of many foods that people consume on a daily basis such as biscuits and yoghurt have gone up.

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