SPC to open 100 drug stores at Sathosa

State Pharmaceutical Corporation of Sri Lanka (SPC), the State-owned manufacturer and distributor of medicinal drugs is considering expanding its reach significantly by establishing 100 new drug stores within retail outlets of Sathosa and Co-op Supermarkets spread across the island.

The move came in the wake of when SPC was considering as to how it could expand its reach across the island to provide affordable drugs to the people under its new management, which was assessing various models to achieve this objective.

The potential collaboration between the three state giants in their respective fields, one in the medicinal drugs manufacturing and trading, and the other two in retailing was taken up for discussion at length at a meeting held recently at the Presidential Secretariat to discuss the future plans for the State Ministry of Pharmaceutical Production, Supply and Regulation.

SPC currently has only 44 Rajya Osu Sala outlets, confined only to the main cities in the country.

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