Special executive committee meeting of Freedom People’s Alliance today

A special executive committee meeting of the newly-formed coalition, ‘Nidahas Janatha Sandhanaya’ (Freedom People’s Alliance), is scheduled to be held today (Jan. 16).

The new alliance was ceremonially launched on January 11, with the combined participation of 12 different political parties including the political parties representing the ‘Uttara Lanka Sabhagaya’ (Supreme Lanka Coalition) and Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP).

Accordingly, political sources said that the executive committee meeting of the new alliance will be held at 06.00 p.m. this evening at the SLFP headquarters.

It is reported that a final agreement will be reached between the parties regarding the submission of nominations for the upcoming Local Government (LG) elections.

However, it is also reported that the SLFP is likely to leave the alliance, as a proposal has reportedly been made to contest the LG election alone by leaving the alliance.

Several rounds of discussions have been held among the SLFP representatives in this regard yesterday (Jan. 16), and they have reportedly discussed whether to proceed with the new alliance or not.

Thus, the General Secretary of the SLFP, Dayasiri Jayasekara stated that the relevant decisions taken at the discussions in this regard will be announced by the representatives of the party in the special executive committee meeting of the Freedom People’s Alliance, which will be held today.

Meanwhile, former Western Provincial Council member Gamini Thilakasiri claims that the SLFP will not leave the Freedom People’s Alliance.

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