Spotlight on exorbitant price of lunch

The exorbitant price of lunch provided to new MPs during this week’s two-day workshop was the focus in Parliament yesterday with an MP stating that the report published in some media might create a wrong impression on the members.

SJB MP S.M. Marikkar who raised the issue said the members are usually held accountable for the expenditure incurred for food and other purposes despite meals being provided to others as well from the House. “We have seen some media reporting on this issue and we want the Speaker to clarify on it publicly” the MP said.

Besides he said the meal provided to MPs at the workshop is not worth Rs 3000. “We eat better meals at home,” Mr Marikkar ksaid.

Speaker Mahinda Yapa Abeywardene said he had already made known his stand on the issue at the workshop. He has said that it was the Audit department which fixed the price of a meal.

It was reported that that some MPs including SLPP National List MP Seetha Arambawala has protested against the high price. She has said that MPs are willing to bring their own meals from home if the expenses are high. She said the high prices incurred on meals might give people an impression that MPs were spending lavishly.

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