Sri Lanka raises fine for supplying substandard drugs

In the wake of former Health Minister and top officials being found to have been embroiled in the import of substandard Immunoglobulin injections, authorities have decided to increase the penalty for the act of supplying or selling substandard medicines, sources said.

Accordingly, the fine has been increased substantially from Rs.100 to Rs.100,000 for individuals found guilty of this offence.

Previously, the fine for offences related to compromising the quality of a specific medicine and deliberately dispensing it from a dispensary was set at a meager Rs. 100.

This adjustment comes as a response to the need for stricter measures to ensure the quality and safety of pharmaceuticals in the country.

The proposal to enhance the fine was put forward by Dr. Wijayadasa Rajapaksha, the Minister of Justice, Prison Affairs and Constitutional Reforms.

Hence, the Cabinet has reportedly approved the proposal.

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