Suspected corona infected – Three garment factories in Katunayake closed

Three garment factories in the Katunayake Free Trade Zone have been temporarily closed on suspicion of being infected with corona.

Its employees stay in their hostels.

When inquired about this, the spokespersons of the relevant factories said that the decision was taken by the administration on the suspicion that there were corona infections.

Ashila Dandeniya, executive director of Standup Movement Lanka, which investigates workers’ rights, said employees at these institutions had been told to go to hostels but had not yet been subjected to a formal health check-up.

Ms. Dandeniya also alleged that employees of other institutions who live together with the employees of these institutions have reported for duty today and that it is a dangerous situation.

Mr. Anton Marcus, Co-Secretary of the Free Trade Zones and General Services Employees’ Union, said that although the relevant agencies should take full responsibility for the health of these employees, they are acting irresponsibly.

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