The media should act responsibly if economic pressure is not hate !

Minister . Bandula Gunawardena says that the media organizations must act responsibly so that the economic pressure in the country does not become a virus. The Minister stated this in a meeting held at the Ministry of Mass Media with the heads of electronic and print media institutions.

The Minister pointed out that the people should be informed about the economic situation in the country and also stated that if it is not done, it will become a virus. The minister also emphasized the responsibility of using the media so as not to cause problems with our country and other countries. The minister stated that he has no intention of selling the Lake Eaus Institute and said that a management system should be prepared for the payment of salaries in the state media institutions. Secretary of the Ministry of Mass Media, Anusha Palpita, Director of Government Information, General Mohan Samaranayake, Director of Presidential Media, General Dhanushka Ramanayake also participated in this event.

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