The plan to distribute essential commodities to the court !

Additional Solicitor General’s notification to the Supreme Court
Additional Solicitor General Nerin Pulle informed the Supreme Court yesterday that the government has planned an action to obtain and distribute the essential goods and the Attorney General will file a full report on it in the court.

The Additional Solicitor General also mentioned that according to that plan, priority will be given to the distribution of fuel to the people.

The Additional Solicitor General said this when the Supreme Court considered two fundamental rights petitions filed by the Sri Lanka Bar Association asking Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe and the Council of Ministers to issue an order to make a policy decision and implement it quickly in order to make the necessary goods easily available to the people of the country.

Vijit K. Petitions were called before the three-member Supreme Court bench of judges Malalgoda, Mahinda Samayawardena and Arjuna Obeysekera.

The bench ordered the Attorney General to hand over the report on the government’s arrangements for the delivery and distribution of essential goods to the Registrar of the Supreme Court before 12:00 p.m. and also ordered copies to be sent to the petitioners. The petitions were ordered to be called again on the 14th.

The two petitions were filed in the name of Sri Lanka Bar Association President President Advocate Saliya Peiris, Deputy President Anura Maddegoda, Secretary Rajeev Tilak Amarasuriya, Isuru Balapatbandi and Tharindu Ranjith Perera.

President’s Counsel Uditha Ula Hewa and President’s Counsel Kanan Eshavaran presented the case for the petitioners.

President’s lawyer Ula Hewa said that even though government ministers say from time to time that fuel will be bought and distributed to the people soon, the people do not believe those statements. He also said that the people’s trust in the ministers has now been broken and requested the Supreme Court to issue a legal order to the Prime Minister that essential goods should be provided to the people without any hindrance.

A situation has arisen where it is not possible to easily buy food, medicine, LP gas fuel etc. which people need and the situation has now become very bad and people have to wait in queues for days and weeks to buy especially fuel and household gas. President’s lawyer Ulehewa further said that there is no.

President’s Counsel Kanan Iswaran stated that due to the current economic crisis in the country, the common people as well as the businessmen are suffering a lot, so the government should issue orders that a policy action will be prepared and implemented to provide immediate relief to them.

He also said that orders should be issued to increase agricultural and local milk production.

Further examination was adjourned till 14th.

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