The protesters will be charged for the damage to the galleface

Urban Development and Housing Minister Prasanna Ranathunga says that necessary legal measures will be taken to recover the damage caused to the place due to the protesters who stayed at the galleface

According to Prasanna Ranathunga, a group of people have filed a lawsuit claiming that they have rights to the land where the struggle took place, and accordingly, they will be charged full compensation for this damage.

The Minister states that the strugglers were removed from this place, which was under the Ministry of Urban Development, according to the existing law of the country, and no one can take possession of the state property by force.

Minister Prasanna Ranathunga emphasizes that if the compensation money is not collected, the ministry officials will face problems in the future and he will not arrange to appoint his officials to such a crisis.

Accordingly, the minister has instructed the ministry officials to submit a full assessment and report regarding the damage and to inform him of the legal steps to be taken for the same.

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