The story of taking dollars to Uganda is a complete lie !

Former Director General of Customs Parakrama Basnayake has stated in a daily newspaper that the propaganda on social media that three planes had taken dollars to Uganda was completely untrue.

One program focused on this

According to information received from the Customs Department, the aircraft had been flown to Uganda by Shilinges, the Ugandan currency printed by a foreign company based in Sri Lanka.

Former Director General of Customs Parakrama Basnayake further states that it has been 30 years since this British company called ‘De Laro’ established its factory in Sri Lanka.

The company has been established in the UK for over 200 years and has factories located in Sri Lanka, Kenya and Malta.

Since the establishment of this factory in Sri Lanka, under every government, currency notes have been printed and shipped on orders from all over the world.

He pointed out that the Ugandan incident was one such incident and stated that in accordance with the agreements reached with the Board of Investment, the export of such currency notes by this company is a legal export.

Former Director General of Customs Parakrama Basnayake stated that he had visited the factory four times during his tenure with the Sri Lanka Customs.

He further stated that it is not appropriate to criticize such factories which do not protect the dollar income of the country as they are a purely commercial activity.

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