Tourist arrivals increase steadily; 72,000 arrivals in 2023 thus far

A total of 72,002 tourists have arrived in Sri Lanka so far this year.

According to provisional data issued by the Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority, a majority of the tourists have arrived from Russia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom and France.

The SLTDA said 17,474 tourists from Russia, 9,181 persons from India, 6,269 individuals from Germany, 5,933 from the United Kingdom and 3,342 individuals from France arrived in Sri Lanka in 21 days of 2023.

82,327 individuals arrived in Sri Lanka in January 2022. In 2022, Sri Lanka welcomed 719,978 tourists overall.

Due to the economic crisis, protests and external factors, the number of tourist arrivals reduced considerably since April last year.

However, following the appointment of a new administration, in the last quarter the numbers of tourist arrivals increased steadily.

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