Tuition teacher arrested with heroin

A special police team in Negombo had arrested three persons including a tuition teacher who were transporting a stock of Kerala ‘ganja’ and heroin worth more than Rs.5 million, in a motor car, on Saturday (26).

Police said that two of the arrested suspects were pupils of the tuition teacher. At the time of the arrest, they had in their possession 152 grammes heroin and 5 kilos of Kerala ‘ganja’. According to information Police received, the teacher was a 40-year-old resident of Mattakkuliya and he was selling drugs using his pupils, in Negombo and its suburbs.

On information received by the Police, the teacher concerned was arrested and the others were arrested on information provided by the teacher while they were selling drugs at Seeduwa area.The teacher had been arrested with the heroin while he was travelling on a motor bicycle. The suspect teacher was a resident of Mattakkuliya and he had sold drugs obtained from the dealers in Mattakkuliya. The Police have obtained the information about the network from which he receives heroin.

The police have taken into custody 3 electronic scales and 5 mobile phones that were in the possession of the suspects. The tuition teacher had said that he was doing this illegal trade to buy a motor car for his wife.

Investigations are being carried out under the directions of the Negombo Division OIC, SSP Saman Sigera and SSP Ranjith Kottahachchi.

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