‘UNP will support efforts to revive the economy’

Former Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake says the United National Party is prepared to extend its fullest support for any national programme that can help revive the local economy, amidst the coronavirus crisis.

Speaking to media Karunanayake urged the government to hold discussions aimed at resolving pressing economic issues.

He stressed the economy cannot be allowed to collapse despite the eventual mitigation of the virus, adding that the government must instead introduce measures that will help revitalize the economy post-haste.

Karunanayake stated the UNP will present several proposals in this regard.

He claimed the economy is losing around Rs.50 billion a day in GDP at present, adding the present state of affairs has continued for about two months.

Karunanayake therefore stressed talks must be held as to how the economy could recover such funds, adding matters of concern such as how affected companies can be revived and how the needy and desperate public can be aided must be resolved.

The former Minister stressed that such matters must be discussed with prompt action taken.

The former Minister noted that relief measures introduced by the government are not being effectively carried out by monetary institutions, adding although circulars have been issued; the deserving public are yet to benefit.

Ravi Karunanayake said banks continue to demand that people pay interest and debts, adding although relevant measures are in place, banks are not complying with directives.

He urged the government to ensure that the Central Bank takes action and informs monetary institutions such as banks, finance companies and leasing companies to comply with government directives and refrain from burdening the public.

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