US 5-year-old boy with $3 pulled over while going to buy Lamborghini (Video)

A 5-year-old boy in Utah (US) was pulled over by police who was driving his parents’ car and was on his way to California to buy a brand new Lamborghini.

The Utah Highway Patrol shared the picture of the unusual incident on their official Twitter account. In the picture where the boy’s face has been hidden, he’s seen on the driving seat talking to the police officer.

The Utah Highway Patrol on Twitter wrote, “One of our Troopers in Weber Co. initiated a traffic stop on what he thought was an impaired driver. Turns out it was this young man, age 5, somehow made his way up onto the freeway in his parents’ car. Made it from 17th and Lincoln in Ogden down to the 25th St off-ramp SB I-15.”

According to the officer, the boy has left his home after he had an argument with his mother over buying him a new Lamborghini. The argument resulted in him taking the wheels and going to California to buy himself a new Lambo.

The Utah Highway Patrol team said, “His story is that he left home after an argument with Mom, in which she told him she would not buy him a Lamborghini. He decided he’d take the car and go to California to buy one himself. He might have been short on the purchase amount, as he only had $3 dollars in his wallet.

While some of the Twitter users called him a legend, some were furious and wanted him and his family to be charged.

A user wrote, “This kid is a legend. I will be eagerly watching his upcoming career as a criminal, or millionaire, or both.”

Another said, “This child and his parents need to be charged. Together they placed the community in danger. This child is obviously out of control, needs direction and needs to learn from his mistake – I don’t care how old he is – this is not cute”

Apparently, the most inexpensive model of a brand new Lamborghini would cost somewhere between $2,00,000-$3,50,000 and the kid would need more time to buy a car on his own, and obviously a driving license to reach California.

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