Victims of the gas explosion are seeking international help for justice !

Convener of the Gas Victims Association Milinda Premaratne said that the victims of the gas accidents will go to the International Court of Justice to seek justice.

Mr. Premaratne said that there was no solution to this crime in Sri Lanka and that if the government and the Human Rights Commission were not able to find a solution quickly, his union would seek the assistance of the International Court of Justice.

He said more than 900 gas explosions, leaks and lip fires had been reported across the country and that Litro was responsible for seven deaths.

He said that from 2015 to 2019, Litro had imported 800,000 cylinders and spare parts from India and experts had recommended that the equipment and gas cylinders be substandard.

He alleged that a complaint had been lodged with the Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka but had not been resolved and that the recommendations of the commission appointed by the President to investigate the matter had not been released to date.

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