Water charges up by 130 percent from September 1

He said that the National Water Supply and Drainage Board has taken steps to increase water charges by 130 percent from September 1.

Accordingly, a household consuming the minimum water consumption of 5 units will pay a water fee of 123 rupees earlier, which will become 448 rupees and will increase by 264 percent.

Domestic water charges have been increased by 67 percent from Rs 12 per unit to Rs 20 for the first 5 water units, and Rs 27 per unit for 6 to 10 units and Rs 34 per unit for 11 to 15 units. has been raised.

The price of 16 to 20 units of water has been increased to Rs.68, from 21 to 25 units to Rs.99, from 26 to 30 units to Rs.150 and from 31 to 40 units to Rs.179. Also, the unit price of 41 to 50 units has been increased to 204 rupees, the unit price of 51 to 75 units has been increased to 221 rupees, and a unit of water above 75 units has been increased to 238 rupees.

The service fee which was 100 rupees for up to 25 water units has been increased to 300 rupees, the service fee for 26 to 30 units and 400 rupees for 31 to 40 units has been increased to 900 rupees and from 41 units The service charges which were 650 rupees up to 50 and 1000 rupees for 51 to 75 units have been increased to 2,400 rupees and for bills above 75 units the service charge of 1600 rupees has been increased to 3,500 rupees.

According to this new amendment, the water fee of 347.20 rupees for an average family that uses 15 units of water per month has increased by almost 130 percent to 789 rupees.

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