Woman, 20, Engaged To Man 29 Years Her Senior Becomes ‘Nana’ To His Four Grandkids

Being a grandparent isn’t all fun and games, but yet the cuddles, hugs, and even kisses are certainly part of what it’s like to be a grandma. The aforesaid is the present reality of 20-Year-Old Hannah Ennis, who became a grandma to four grandkids after getting engaged to a man 29 years her senior.

Hannah, a Cameron-based photographer met with her fiancé – 49-Year-Old Sam Pruett in Sept 2019. The duo worked together as correctional officers at the local sheriff’s office and interestingly, Sam’s four children are way older than Hannah. With belief that Sam is a stubborn old man, Hannah admits she didn’t expect their romance will flourish.

But having gone out on several game nights, including spending an increasing amount of time together, the duo realized they were in love and couldn’t help but date each other. The love birds with a passion for travel, games, movies, and even photography officially started dating in February 2020.

Expectedly, the couple’s families had their reservations about their romance. Hannah’s family thinks Sam is with their daughter for her youthfulness while Sam’s family thinks Hannah is with him for his money. More startling, Hannah actually earns more than Sam.

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