Women shouldn’t be deprived of earning the recognition they deserve

Sri Lanka’s first female Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) Bimshani Jasin Arachchi yesterday said that people should give up the false belief that women are incapable of reaching the higher ranks of the police because they are unable to do what is perceived to be ‘male’ work.

Commenting on the move by a group of male police officers who had filed a fundamental rights petition at the Supreme Court seeking the annulment of her appointment, Jasin Arachchi said many female police officers have proven that they can handle tough police operations just like men.

“As a police officer, our job demands long and uncertain hours of duty and many risks. Many hold a false belief that women can’t perform like men. But, our women officers work long hours and they have engaged and are willing to be involved in frontline work. They have joined the police because they liked the profession and knowing all the aspects of police work, including criminal investigations,” she said.

Sri Lankan Constitution has emphasised that individuals are subjected to the same laws in the same measure. DIG Jasin Arachchi added that regardless of the sector, women should not be deprived of earning recognition they deserve.

The hearing of the petition that seeks a ruling that the promotion of DIG Jasin Arachchi, violates their fundamental rights guaranteed by the Constitution and that the illegal promotion be revoked, has been scheduled for May 18.

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